Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Easy Christmas Ornament Magnets DIY

Hey everyone! I feel like it's been forever since I last posted(it kinda has been hasn't it? I'm sorry!). It's snowing here on Long Island today, the first "real" snow of the year. It's so beautiful! So I decided to put on my Christmas tree, make myself a mug of ginger tea, and write up this post!

Pretty snow!

Today I want to share a ridiculously easy craft that you can do that can contribute to your fun Christmas decor.

Basically it is just a ball ornament with a magnet glued on to it. SO easy!

You're going to need:

-Shatter proof ball ornaments(the ornaments I have to use are glass but DO NOT use glass! I'm only using these because I got this pack of 15 ornaments for $2 at a thrift store and also there are no little ones living here, so there's less chance for disaster lol)

-Small magnets(I'm using Aleene's tacky magnetic adhesive dots but the adhesive isn't strong enough to stick to the ornament, it also doesn't stick on flush to the ornament so if you buy these you're going to need to use glue anyway) You can find plain magnets at Michael's craft stores.

-Craft glue
-Something to store your ornaments in while the glue dries, like an empty egg carton. My ornaments came with plastic thingies to store them in.

Take a magnet and place some glue in the middle of it.

Stick the magnet where ever you'd like on your ball ornament.

Place the ornament magnet side up in whatever you're using to hold the ornaments on while the glue dries. You may notice that the magnet might start to shift away from where you placed it. If this happens just move it back into place, as the glue starts to dry it gets a bit tackier and will hold the magnet. It shouldn't shift again after you do this once. Now let the glue set for at least 6 hours to be safe.

Ta da!

I decided to stick these on our refrigerator to make it more festive. You can stick these on whatever magnetic surface you want!

Do you think you'll try this craft out? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog today! You are awesome.

xo, Momo

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