Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rose Tyler Inspired Makeup

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY FELLOW WHOVIANS! The 50th Anniversary airs in just a few hours, I am SO ready!

I thought since I haven't posted anything beauty related on here yet I'd do a simple Rose Tyler inspired makeup look in honor of the big day!

Rose's look is very neutral, sometimes she looks as if she's not wearing makeup at all. Her eyes are very soft, light color on her cheeks, and her lips are usually defined. Those lips! Lucky gal!

*Before I get started, I wanted to say that I think what's been holding me back from doing beauty posts a bit is not having the equipment(camera, etc.) right now to give you all the best quality of my work. But I'm going to do the very best I can with what I do have. I'm grateful I can even do that much!


These are the brushes I used for this look for reference.

First I'm going to use MAC Grain all over the eye lid and up to the browbone with a Sigma E55 brush. And although it is hard to make out in this picture, I also used MAC All That Glitters in the middle of the eyelid.

Next using a Sigma E25 brush, blend MAC Soft Brown on the crease using windsheild wiper motions.

On the lower lash line, apply MAC Espresso using a thin angled brush(the one I use is by Crown Brushes). Apply this as close to your lower lashes as you can.

Using the same thin angled brush, use MAC Carbon to line your upper lash line. This is going to be your eyeliner. Applying it this way makes the makeup look soft. Take what ever black shadow is left on the brush and stamp it on the outer corner of your lower lash line as well.

Take a pencil brush like a Sigma E30 and a bit of MAC Vapour and pop that on the inner corner of your eyes, as well as right under your brows. This will really brighten your eyes. Sorry guys, I couldn't get a clear picture of how it looks on my eyes.

Now curl those lashes and apply some black mascara! I used Benefit's They're Real mascara. Eyes are done now!

I lined my lips with MAC Subculture lip liner and applied MAC Freckletone lipstick on top. The slightly darker lip liner with a lighter lip color gives an illusion of slightly fuller lips. I also applied NARS Lustre blush on the apples of my cheeks. Simple.

Here's the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed my first ever makeup tutorial! Like I said, quality isn't the greatest but I think I can still get my point across for now lol.

I'd love your feedback, and any suggestions for future tutorials! Please leave them in the comments below :)

Fellow Whovians! Enjoy the gloriousness that is the 50th Anniversary today! We'll be watching it together in spirit! Actually I think I will live tweet it! If any of you are on Twitter, give me a follow @CarpeDiemi3aby and we'll gush about it together!

Have an awesome day everyone and thank you SO SO much for reading this.

xo, Momo

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