Friday, November 22, 2013

Just Checking In...

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! How has everyone's week been so far?

I just wanted to check in and say hello, I don't have a particular subject for this post but I feel the need to write at the moment. It's rainy and a little gloomy here on Long Island today and posting always makes me feel great!

*First off I wanted say how incredibly grateful I am that my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe is getting repinned a bunch on Pinterest! That is so amazing! I really hope some of you try it out and let me know what you think. I feels so great to know that I could have contributed to even one little moment of happiness or content in your day; even if it was just an "ooh! that looks good, I'd like to try that!", that half of second in your mind was at ease and it feels nice to know it was because of what I'm putting out there. Which is why I started this blog! I hope what I just said made sense. I makes sense in my mind lol.

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? Last night I was fortunate enough to go to Medieval Times in New Jersey with my best friend. She won tickets on Facebook and asked me to go with her. She's my very best good friend(100 points if you know that quote; by the way another thing about me-I quote movies a lot). Heck yeah! We had such a great time, the food was yummy and I got a flower from our knight(who was super cute by the way hehe). I think it's like some sort of requirement for good looking dudes to work there or something(actually probably not a requirement, I just think that's what ends up happening lol). I posted a couple of pictures of my night on Instagram but I want to share them here as well.

It might not look appetizing but it was delicious I swear! Tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, half of roast chicken, a rib, and half of an herbed roasted potato. I couldn't wait to dig in before I took the picture haha sorry! You also get soda(I opted for water), coffee and dessert. There is a vegetarian meal option as well.

There are 6 sections in the arena that each have a knight, we were in the red and yellow section. This is our red and yellow knight after a game he won, he was looking for a lovely maiden to give a flower to...

AWWW YEAH! Who's the fairest one of all now?? Hehehe. I was so excited when he threw it to me!

And here my knight is getting ready for jousting. Such a fun time! If you've never been to Medieval Times you've got to go at least once in your life! There are a few different locations in the country.

Oh! And completely unrelated...I totally almost forgot that tomorrow is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special on BBC so I'm really excited for that because 10 and Rose are coming back and they are my favorite! Are any of you guys Whovians? Are you going to have a watching party? I need some Who friends! I'll be watching alone. There's a bar in Brooklyn that has a TARDIS in it that I've always wanted to go to and I think they're having a watching party. I'm sure it's going to be nuts there tomorrow!

So I'm kind of stumped as to what my next post should be about. I know I've got this blog labeled as a beauty blog and I haven't made a beauty post yet! I'm just not sure what I should do first! I'm up for anything, I just need some suggestions. I can do some sort of tutorial, or how to use a certain product, or what my favorite whatevers are. Maybe since I just talked about Doctor Who, I can post a Rose inspired makeup look? What do you think? I'd really love your feedback!

I hope you guys enjoy your Friday, I'm off now to get some cleaning done(as in getting rid of things that no longer serve me), pick up some organization stuff from somewhere(maybe Target, but there is a Container Store about a half hour away that I've always wanted to check out), and clean some more!

Take care everyone! I love you, thank you so much for reading this.

xo, Momo

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